Lori Corbani   

Fundraisers for Lori Corbani

The Jackson Laboratory March 26 - 30, 2007

Lori Corbani, one of Dr. Wilson's dear friends and a pillar of the community on Mount Desert Island, needs help.

Lori had surgery on February 16, 2007, after a congenital abnormality called cerebral ateriovenous malformation (AVM) caused a buildup of blood in her brain. Surgeons at Mass General Hospital in Boston removed some of the blood clot that had collected in her brain and relieved the swelling. On February 22, she was moved to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. Her doctors have been very pleased with her progress. Lori is currently recovering at home with her family.

Lori's family has had medical expenses and many other costs associated with her recovery.

Lori's many friends at The Jackson Laboratory, where she is employed, have banded together for a set of fundraisers for Lori's family.

Read more about Lori Corbani, and leave messages, at CaringBridge.org

You can donate now, by mail or by using PayPal.


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Jill Lewis
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Bake Sale

Mark Airey
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Iry Witham

Special Thanks

Rodney Catanach
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Jim Denegre
Harold Drabkin
Alexei Evsikov
Joel Graber
Jill Lewis
Mark Miller
Michelle Perry
Joel Richardson
Martin Ringwald
Cecilia Schmidt
David Shaw
Bob Sinclair
Yunxia "Sophia" Zhu
Karen Zimmerman

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Jill Lewis
36 Salem Town Road
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679

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