Lori Corbani   

Fundraisers for Lori Corbani

The Jackson Laboratory March 26 - 30, 2007

Lori Corbani, one of Dr. Wilson's dear friends and a pillar of the community on Mount Desert Island, needs help.

Lori had surgery on February 16, 2007, after a congenital abnormality called cerebral ateriovenous malformation (AVM) caused a buildup of blood in her brain. Surgeons at Mass General Hospital in Boston removed some of the blood clot that had collected in her brain and relieved the swelling. On February 22, she was moved to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. Her doctors have been very pleased with her progress. Lori is currently recovering at home with her family.

Lori's family has had medical expenses and many other costs associated with her recovery.

Lori's many friends at The Jackson Laboratory, where she is employed, have banded together for a set of fundraisers for Lori's family.

Read more about Lori Corbani, and leave messages, at CaringBridge.org.

You can donate now, by mail or by using PayPal.

Raffle & Silent Auction

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Silent Auction. Bidding closed on Friday, March 30, at 3:00 pm. The Silent Auction raised $1530! Please see the Silent Auction page for a list of items and photos with the winners.

Raffle. The Raffle drawings took place on Friday, March 30, at 3:00 pm. The Raffle raised $1750!

Raffle Items

The Raffle is now over. We have posted the winner of each item here.

Oregon Harvest Gift Box   Oregon Harvest Gift Box - this fabulous gift box is packed with great things from the great state of Oregon! The basket includes Smoke Chinook Salmon Fillet, Pacific Hazelnut Farms Razz Cherries, Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts, Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Crackers, Tillamook Country Smoker Sausage and two Tillamook Cheddar Cheeses, Sharp and Pepper Jack.

Winner: Diane Dahmen

Easter bunny   Big Green Easter Bunny - can you resist the Big Green Easter Bunny?

Winner: TBK Reddy

Santa   St. Nick - how about St. Nick, then?

Winner: Lisa Hanscom

Easter basket   Giant Easter Basket - this huge Easter basket has some great toy cars and a generous selection of candy.

Winner: Randy Bouchard

Silver Spoon   Silver Spoon Cookbook - Italy's favorite cookbook for over fifty years! Over 2,000 recipes with great color photos.

Winner: Tery Maddatu

Vitamin Bar   Vitamin Bar Juice Extractor - this juice extractor will let you drink to your own good health!

Winner: Randy Von Smith

Oil & Vinegar   Gourmet Oils & Vinegars in Serving Rack - six bottles of gourmet oils and vinegars flavored with different herbs and spices. These are presented in a metal serving rack. Make your salads something special!

Winner: Tammy Dow

Candy Dish   Glass Candy Dish - this elegant glass candy dish is filled to the brim with fine chocolates.

Winner: Beverly Richards-Smith

Wire Bowl   Wire Bowl, Placemats and Napkins - a beautiful wire bowl with four placemats and napkins.

Winner: Fran Leyendecker

Bottle openers   Bottle opener and corkscrew - bottle opener and corkscrew by Laguiole of France.

Winner: Kathy Schultz

Casserole pad   Casserole pad - This casselore pad protects your table from hot dishes, and is filled with cinnamon and other spices that release their scent when a warm dish is placed on the pad.

Winner: Ray Vander Haar

Bakato   Ceramic Bakato Dishes - Two ceramic dishes for making perfect baked potatoes.

Winner: Jackie Newbert

Brighton bangle   Brighton Silver Bangle - Brighton silver bangle bracelet in a heart-shaped tin gift box.

Winner: Jeannine Ross

seals   Acadian Nature Cruise Tickets - two tickets for for a trip with Acadian Nature Cruise (May 15 - October 30).

Winner: Jim Kadin

binoculars   Simmons Binoculars 7 x 25 - Simmons Binoculars (7 x 25) in carrying case. Brand new, binoculars still sealed in plastic.

Winner: Chris Kikel

Cards by Joanne Bradt   Eight Photo Cards with Envelopes - handcrafted by Joanne Bradt. These cards feature the Crocus Collection by Joanne Bradt.

Winner: Tammy Dow

Bracelet   Bracelet - Red breciated jasper and glass beads adorn this bracelet, handcrafted by Joanne Bradt.

Winner: Kathy Norwood

Socks   Hand-knit Socks - Stay warm in these fabulous socks, handknit by Joanne Bradt.

Winner: Marsha Lincoln

mittens   Hand-knit mittens - hand-knit mittens in fabulous colors, made by Lilea Simis.

Winner: Lori Corbani

Knit Cap   Ladies Small Knitted Cap - hand-knit cap in Ladies Small size by Deicy Stockwell.

Winner: Xiaomen Zhang

Knit Cap   Child's Knitted Cap - hand-knit cap in baby size by Daine Dahmen.

Winner: Janice Ormsby

Knit Cap   Child's Knitted Cap - hand-knit cap in baby size by Daine Dahmen.

Winner: ?

Baby blanket   Knitted Baby Blanket - knitted baby blanket by Diane Dahmen.

Winner: Connie Birkenmeier or Jill Lewis

Baby blanket   Knitted Baby Blanket - knitted baby blanket in vibrant colors.

Winner: Connie Birkenmeier or Jill Lewis

TJL shirt   TJL Long-sleeved T shirt (Green) - everybody's favorite look in M (10-12).


TJL shirt   TJL Long-sleeved T shirt (Lime Green) - everybody's favorite look in XXL.


TJL shirt   TJL Long-sleeved T shirt (Beige) - everybody's favorite look in L (14-16).


TJL shirt   TJL Long-sleeved T shirt (Purple) - everybody's favorite look in L (14-16).


Photo   Mocha - What's For Dinner! - photo by Fran Leyendecker. Mocha sits at the bar and watches Fran cook dinner every night. Fran's cards are available at Mr. Paperback in Ellsworth, marketed under "Snapshot Photography."

Winner: Rick Palazola

Cardbox   Easter Card Box with Cards - wonderful handmade card box with eight cards and envelopes inside. Handcrafted by Melissa Hepburn.

Winner: Ronda Bien

Cards   Eight Blank Cards - packet of eight blank cards in black, white and red. Handcrafted by Melissa Hepburn.

Winner: Patty Williams

Scrapbooking Kit   Scrapbooking Kit - scrapbooking starter kit with block, stamp, and $15 coupon for supplies from Close to My Heart. Donated by Melissa Hepburn.

Winner: Nessa Reifsnyder

Print   Print 1 - limited edition print (signed and numberd) from Old Post Office Gallery in South Thomaston, Maine.

Winner: Theresa Gavin

Print   Print 2 - limited edition print (signed and numberd) from Old Post Office Gallery in South Thomaston, Maine.

Winner: Lori Douglas

Print   Print 3 - limited edition print (signed and numberd) from Old Post Office Gallery in South Thomaston, Maine.

Winner: Tiff Strout

Photo   Poster 1 - great poster with a wonderful photo of a Maine sunset.

Winner: Ron ?

Photo   Poster 2 - great poster with a wonderful photo of the Maine woods.

Winner: Alex Diehl

Jordan Pond   Jordan Pond Photo Cards - twenty photo cards with two different scenes of Jordan Pond, blank inside.

Winner: MaryEllen Joseph

Karaoke   Memorex Karaoke Machine - great fun! Sing along just like they do in Tokyo.

Winner: TBK Reddy

RCA Lyra   RCA Lyra mp3 Player - 512 Mb mp3 player by RCA. Compatible with Mac or PC (not iTunes compatible).

Winner: Ray Vander Haar

Music Maker   Music Maker - the World's Most Charming Musical Instrument! Anyone can play this. Slide in a tune sheet and pick the strings over the notes on the sheet.

Winner: Dave Myers

Paint by Number   Paint by Number Set - this set includes a carrying case, easel, paints, brushes, and paper. Great fun!

Winner: Kate Miers

Soy Candle   Soy Candle - 16 oz. light yellow soy wax candle with sea glass displayed/embedded in the wax. This scented candle bears the fragrance of Pearburst Blossom, and will burn up to 192 hours. The retail value is $23.50.

Thanks for Kelly Mitchell at SeaGlass Candles for this donation.

Winner: Carol Bult

Bath and Body Works   Bath and Body Works Gift Bag - a gift bag with great items from Bath and Body Works. Bath bubbles, shower gel, salt scrub, and more!

Winner: Rita Porier

Lamp   Decorative Lamp - this decorative kerosine lamp is adorned with dried greens and a ribbon.

Winner: Stacie Wilson

Frog Candles   Six Floating Frog Candles - floating frog candles are goofy fun!

Winner: Ron ?

Ceramic Tray   Green Ceramic Tray - this tray, in green ceramic, is about 14" x 14".

Winner: Sandra Rodick

Red Sox Mug   Boston Red Sox Mug - plastic spillproof mug for Red Sox fans.

Winner: Bill Strout

  XL Anti-Yankee T-Shirt - if you hate the New York Yankees and wear an XL, this one is for you. The front expresses your hope that they won't win the playoffs, or at least will choke during the World Series. The back taunts the man who has a load of money, but who still can't buy your love.

Winner: Ken Paigen

Fishing fly
Fishing fly
  Box of Fishing Flies - flycasting fisherman will love these! Nine great tied fishing flies in L.L. Bean box.

Winner: Dave Gauvin

Golf balls   Box of Golf Balls - fifteen golf balls, RAM Titanium Distance, brand new in shrinkwrapped box.

Winner: Sandra Rodick

Kid's Cross-Country Skis   Child's Cross-Country Skis - cross-country skis, shoes and poles in kid's size, from L.L. Bean.

Winner: Joanne Bradt

Emmett Kelly   Emmett Kelley Figurine - Finely-detailed figurine of Emmett Kelly, America's favorite clown. See more at the Emmett Kelley Museum.

Winner: Dave Gauvin

Crazy Cat Lady   Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure - How many cats do you have to have before you are certifiable? This action figure serves as a dire warning. Cheaper than Prozac!

Winner: Theresa Gavin

Trivial Pursuit NASCAR Edition   Trivial Pursuit NASCAR Edition - great computer game for NASCAR fans!

Winner: Nancy Butler

NASCAR SimRacing   NASCAR SimRacing - great computer game by Electronic Arts

Winner : Tony Bouchard

DVDs   Three Great Movies on DVD - Saving Private Ryan (starring Tom Hanks), Operation Petticoat (starring Cary Grant), His Girl Friday (starring Cary Grant)

Winner: Jon Geiger

CDs   Three CDs - Feels Like Home by Linda Ronstadt, Thank You by Duran Duran, and Dig the Beat by the Beat Roots.

Winner: Walter Knight

CDs   Backstreet Boys CDs - Two-CD set by Backstreet Boys.

Winner: Bing Wang

Mirrorball   Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan - Sarah McLachlan's 1999 release on CD, still in shrink wrap, never opened.

Winner: Melanie Atherton

Lighthouse Video   Maine Lighthouses Video - Maine Lighthouses: The Last Watch on VHS.

Winner: MaryEllen Kimball

Mainely Meats   $25 Gift Certificate to Mainely Meats - a cornucopia of freshly smoked fare at The Knox Road Grille.

Winner: Mike Sasner

Atlantic Brewing   $25 Gift Certificate to Atlantic Brewing - The Atlantic Brewing Company's full line of ales, as well as seasonal specialties, are all available on tap at The Knox Road Grille, which is located right next to the Brewhouse.

Winner: Janice Ormsby

Roscoe's   $10 Gift Certificate to Roscoe's - great food, and it's right here!

Winner: Mary Dolan

Roscoe's   $10 Gift Certificate to Roscoe's - great food, and it's right here!

Winner: Diane Dahmen

Roscoe's   $10 Gift Certificate to Roscoe's - great food, and it's right here!

Winner: Ashley Stanton

Roscoe's   $10 Gift Certificate to Roscoe's - great food, and it's right here!

Winner: ?

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