The Grimoire of the Mages


In 1980, Tony Andruzzi (Masklyn ye Mage) released The Grimoire of the Mages, a handmade book describing bizarre magick effects. This was Tony Andruzzi's second book published as Masklyn ye Mage, between two other handmade books, The Negromicon of Masklyn ye Mage (1977) and The Legendary Scoll of Masklyn ye Mage (1983). The Grimoire of the Mages is beautifully hand-bound in soft suede leather, and includes three supplementary items, two one-page parchment items used for two different effects, and a three-page letter used for another effect.

Please see the additional photos of these supplementary items.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a rare handmade item from one of the founders of Bizarre Magick.

This copy is number 158 of a limited edition of 250 copies.


Page showing copy number and (facing) Table of Contents (skull not included with purchase).


Copy number (detail)

Grimoire Grimoire
The pages of the Grimoire are lovingly illuminated.

This item has been sold (April 2006). Thanks to everyone for the interest in this item.