Cirque Du Poulet

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The Way Station

The Way Station at Cirque Du Poulet is a space full of surprises. You might encounter any manner of strange persons or mobile art objects. The Way Station has elements of the carnival sideshow.


This is the show that all your friends and neighbors have been talking about!

Step right up and see the Tattooed Lady!

You'll see Voltron, Master of Electricity! Watch as half a million volts of electricity is sent through his body! Sparks leap from his bare flesh! See fluorescent light bulbs light up in his hands!

You'll see Spidora, the Spider Woman. She has the head of a beautiful woman, and the body of a deadly spider. Captured alive in the jungles of Sumatra: Spidora, the Spider Woman!

You'll see small children holding chickens! What strange power do these young people have over domestic fowl? Why have David Allen and Ruth Kermish selected chickens as the enigmatic icons for Cirque Du Poulet?