Cirque du Poulet

Stage Gallery Ring Waystation
Stage Gallery Ring Way Station


The Gallery

The Gallery at Cirque du Poulet features work from a wide range of artists. In the spirit of the Fluxus movement, the author of these web pages has used a discovered text from the official Cirque du Poulet web site to introduce the gallery:

"The Cirque du Poulet is a collection of eager young minds seeking to solidify an arts community with interests in challenging traditional venues of communication and art display. Their art production is reminiscent of theories introduced by the Dada and Fluxus movements, in that aspects of performance and active interaction are key components to the art. The Cirque diverges in that it represents a localized area in Maine, USA and focuses much on the reusability of post-industrial spaces and objects. Much of the art can take the form of dynamic and immersive catalogs of machines, processes, ideals, spaces and objects that have contributed to industry, and have since been replaced or discarded. Contemporary technology and methods of communication aid in the employment of these creations, to culminate the core ideals: community and technological and industrial opportunism. As a community of friends, no events transpire without essential elements of creation, humor and impending disaster."

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Gallery Costumes Theater

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