Cirque du Poulet

Stage Gallery Ring Waystation
Stage Gallery Ring Way Station

The Ring

The Ring at Cirque du Poulet features live performance of all arts that cannot be confined by the boundaries of the stage. In the ring, the front wall of the stage is warped into a mystic circle, which occasionally wraps itself around members of the audience, drawing them into the action.

Ring performers draw upon our ancestral memory of ceremonial dances in sacred circles. The cycle of the seasons and the mysteries of the cycle of life and death are represented by the geometry of the performing space itself. Modern society's distinctions between the socially prominent (the front rows in the proscenium theater) and the downtrodden (in the cheap seats) are broken down.

In traditional circus acts, acrobats, equestrians, arielists, clowns and daredevils perform in the ring. At Cirque du Poulet, belly dancers weave impossibly, trained animals perform, fire dancers trace patterns in the night, and the weird circle of glasswalkers continues its cultlike expansion.

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