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Fort Savage by Titans of Film

A Western about a U.S. Calvary scout helping to save a fort from outlaws. It was filmed at Fort Knox in Prospect, on the coast near Bucksport.

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Nicolle Littrell  

Northern Light,
The Folk Tales of Molly Spotted Elk

by Nicolle Littrell of Film Farm

Molly "Molly Spotted Elk" Dellis was a Penobscot dancer, actress and writer who was born on Indian Island, Maine in 1903. She danced her way to New York City and Paris in the 1920's and 30's and appeared in several films, including THE SILENT ENEMY. She also wrote KATHADIN: Wigwam's Tales of the Abanaki Tribe, which has been published by The Maine Folklife Center at The University of Orono.

Nicolle Littrell brings Molly's tales to life with live storytelling.

Trap by Nicolle Littrell of Film Farm

Set in the deep back woods of 1920's Maine, TRAP is the fable-like tale of a marriage between a trapper and his retired ballerina mate, Anna. TRAP follows Anna's struggle to break free from the physical and emotional "traps" in her life.


Alchemie by Alexandre Berthier

Alexandre Berthier's breathtaking photographs of golden light are woven into a slide show, accompanied by an original soundtrack, in a lyrical celebration of beauty.

Alchemie Alchemie Alchemie

Star Wreck by ?

Star Wreck is an outrageous, unscripted sendup of Star Trek, shot with no budget in the living room. A refreshingly zany pair of teenage boys (13 and 14) play the Captain and the Pilot in their quest to boldly go where no man has gone before, at least until they run out of tortilla chips. Includes bloopers! The grizzled veterans of Cirque du Poulet practically carried these two out of the theater on their shoulders in triumph!

Film Makers

Who are you guys? Step forward and get famous!

The Return of
the Son of the Bride of
Space Mutants Must Die
Again 2:
The Reckoning

by Post Apocalyptic Redneck Productions
(Max Ascrizzi and Scott Muehlmann)

Famous philosophers, crazed scientists, a beautiful princess transformed by 100% Pure Evil, a ninja, a sweaty hacker, the Red Avenger, vicious mutants, the torching of Earth from space, and the bloody struggle for supremacy amidst the cinders by roving bands of post-apocalyptic humans --- all this and more! Shot on location in space and in the future.

The Tarawa Club by Titans of Film

A cop film noir set in the 1950s about two World War II veterans who team up to find the killer of one of their war buddies. It was filmed in Bangor and Lewiston.

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