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Arthur J. Blank

Lively and engaging!

"Your show was lively and engaging, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it."

Arthur J. Blank
Mount Desert Island Hospital

"Your performance at the MDI Hospital's Annual Volunteer Luncheon was truly enjoyable and perfect for our occasion and theme - 'The Magic of Volunteers.' You 'made trouble' with the crowd, got them involved, and your display of amazing memory was certainly the highlight of the event. This luncheon will go down as being 'memorable' because of you and the power of Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir! Thanks again!"

Brenda Hall
Mount Desert Island Hospital

Something that people will remember and share with others!

"I thought the auction went fabulously! And you were really great! I really did enjoy your Prize Candy and Sword Ladder trick. How do you do it?? It really gave a more adventurous and special aire to the event; something that people will remember and share with others...which will hopefully increase our turnout for the next event. Thank you so much! We can use your talent at the next WoCo event! Cheers!"

Milja Brecher-DeMuro
The Women's Collective

Do this again!

"I thought the magic show was excellent. I especially liked your interaction with the children and how they responded to the show. I thought it was great that you brought children up and involved them with the show. Thanks for bringing the Theater of Marvels to the West Eden VIS and to the Town Hill community. Yes, we definitely want to do this again."

Lori Corbani
West Eden Village Improvement Society

Come back again!

"Your presentation was very entertaining but also gave practical information on how to improve memory. Our active older adult group thoroughly enjoyed it. We would love for you to come back again next year."

Lisa Tweedie
Wellness Director
Mount Desert Island YMCA

Susan Plimpton

Totally Professional!

"I loved watching the kids during your performance, laughing and paying rapt attention! The fleas were delightfully funny and so talented! Just seeing the tiny little stage was sheer fun. I enjoyed the relationship you maintained with your young audience; even while playing a con man you managed to make them feel safe enough to take a risk and participate. It was great that you stayed for the late comers, again you were totally professional and yet personal. So...everyone had a great time and we'd love to have you again. It's so unusual and funny, we all came away feeling better. Smile therapy?"

Susan Plimpton
Children's Librarian
Southwest Harbor Public Library

Patrick Farrell

Entertaining and Educational!

"Thanks for the great presentation! Both entertaining and educational..."

Patrick Farrell
Mathematics Computer Science Chair
Maine School of Science and Mathematics

Joanne Sousa

A Grand Event!

"The Winter Solstice Party is now history, what a grand event and a wonderful fundraiser for the Hulls Cove Schoolhouse it was!! Thank you so much...I stood at the back of the hall, tried to take in the whole scene and thought, this party is what we have all worked so hard for. A grand event...Again, many thanks from our Board of Directors to you."

Joanne Sousa
Secretary, Hulls Cove Neighborhood Association

Society of American Magicians

Dr. Wilson is a Associate Member of the Society of American Magicians, the oldest magic society in the world.

Dr. Wilson is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and is currently serving as the Secretary of I.B.M. Ring 362, based in Bangor, Maine. Please see the story on the formation of I.B.M. Ring 362 in the Bangor Daily News.

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